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How to Use the Instagram Name Tag

How to Use the Instagram Name Tag


Say hello to the new awesome Instagram feature called Name Tag.

What is name tag?

A Name Tag = a special image (like a QR code) that people can scan – in person – to instantly go to your Instagram page and follow you.

Pretty cool right?

Even more cool: There are different Name Tag designs available (I’m going to show you everything below).

Even more more cool: Your Name Tag is a new way for people to easily find your Instagram account and follow you straight away.

And even more more more cool: Your Name Tag means that you can promote your Instagram account in a lot of new exciting ways (I’ll give you some ideas to promote your Instagram at the end of this post).

Sounds good?

Let’s start!

Here is everything you need to know about the Name Tag feature.

How to create your own Instagram Name Tag / QR code image?

Let’s create a Name Tag for your Instagram account.

To create your own custom Instagram QR code:

1- Open your Instagram app
2- Go to your Instagram profile
3- Press on the Name Tag icon on top of your screen (the second icon)
4- You will see your Name Tag screen